Zydus Needle-Free Corona Vaccine Zycov D: All You Need to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc worldwide, leading to millions of deaths & leaving many more battling the virus. In India, the race to vaccinate the population against the virus has been a top priority. In August 2021, Zydus Cadila, an Indian pharmaceutical company, announced the launch of Zycov-D, India’s first needle-free COVID-19 vaccine. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about this vaccine!

The Zycov-D vaccine is a DNA-based vaccine that can be administered without a needle. It is administered using a needle-free applicator called a ‘needle-free injector’ that releases the vaccine into the skin at high speed. The vaccine requires three doses to provide full protection, with a gap of 28 days between each dose.

How Does the Vaccine Work?

The Zycov-D vaccine is a plasmid DNA vaccine that contains the genetic material of the spike protein found on the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. When the vaccine is injected into the skin, the body’s immune system recognizes the spike protein as foreign & starts producing antibodies against it. In the event of exposure to the virus, these antibodies help the body to fight the virus & prevent infection.

Advantages of Zycov-D Vaccine

The Zycov-D vaccine offers several advantages over other COVID-19 vaccines available in India. Some of the advantages are:

Needle-Free Administration

The needle-free administration of the vaccine eliminates the risk of needlestick injuries & makes the vaccination process painless.

No Cold Chain Requirement

Unlike other COVID-19 vaccines that require storage at ultra-low temperatures, the Zycov-D vaccine can be stored at normal refrigerator temperatures, making it easier to transport & store.

Suitable for All Age Groups

The Zycov-D vaccine has been approved for use in individuals aged 12 & above, making it suitable for all age groups!

Higher Efficacy

The Zycov-D vaccine has shown higher efficacy rates in clinical trials compared to other COVID-19 vaccines. In phase 3 clinical trials, the vaccine showed an efficacy rate of 66.6% against symptomatic COVID-19 cases!

Safety of Zycov-D Vaccine

The Zycov-D vaccine has undergone extensive safety trials, including phase 1, 2, & 3 clinical trials involving over 28,000 participants. The vaccine has been found to be safe & well-tolerated, with no serious adverse events reported.

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Availability of Zycov-D Vaccine

The Zycov-D vaccine has been approved for emergency use in India & is currently available only in India. The Indian government has granted permission to Zydus Cadila to manufacture & market the vaccine!

The Zycov-D vaccine is a needle-free COVID-19 vaccine that offers several advantages over other vaccines available in India. The vaccine has undergone extensive safety trials & has been found to be safe & well-tolerated. The vaccine’s availability in India will help in the country’s vaccination drive & contribute towards controlling the COVID-19 pandemic!

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