What Does Took Her to the O Mean? A Guide to King Von’s Hit Song

King Von was a rising star in the hip hop scene, known for his storytelling skills and drill style. His song “Took Her to the O” was one of his most popular tracks, reaching number 44 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and earning a triple platinum certification. But what does the title and the lyrics of the song mean? In this blog post, we will explore the meaning and the background of “Took Her to the O”, as well as some of the controversies and reactions that it sparked.

The Story Behind Took Her to the O

“Took Her to the O” is a song that tells a fictional story based on King Von’s experiences in Chicago. The song was released on February 21, 2020, as the third and final single from his second mixtape Levon James. The song was written by King Von and produced by Chopsquad DJ, who also worked with him on many other songs.

The song begins with King Von rapping about getting oral sex from a stripper who he met at a store. He then buys a Glock pistol with an extended magazine, implying that he is ready for trouble. He then takes the stripper to “the O”, which is a reference to Parkway Garden Homes, also known as O’Block, an apartment complex in Chicago where King Von grew up. O’Block is notorious for being one of the most dangerous places in Chicago, and is associated with the Black Disciples gang, of which King Von was a member.

The song then switches to the perspective of the stripper, who reveals that she has a boyfriend named Duck, who is waiting for her at home. Duck is heavily implied to be FBG Duck, a rival rapper and gang member from STL/EBT, a neighborhood that is at war with O’Block. FBG Duck and King Von had a history of beef and diss tracks, and were both killed in separate shootings in 2020.

The song then describes how Duck confronts King Von and throws a brick at his car, which angers King Von and leads him to shoot Duck multiple times. The song ends with King Von driving away with the stripper, who is scared and traumatized by what she witnessed.

The Meaning and the Message of Took Her to the O

“Took Her to the O” is a song that showcases King Von’s talent for storytelling and creating vivid imagery with his lyrics. The song is also a reflection of his life and his environment, where violence and death are common occurrences. The song portrays King Von as a ruthless and fearless character, who does not hesitate to kill his enemies and take their women. The song also suggests a sense of loyalty and street justice, as King Von defends his territory and his reputation.

However, the song is not meant to be taken literally or glorify violence. In an interview with XXL Magazine, King Von revealed that he wrote most of the lyrics while he was locked up in jail. He said that he wanted to make a song that was different from his previous ones, and that he used his imagination to create a fictional story. He also said that he did not have any personal problems with FBG Duck, and that he respected him as an artist.

The song can also be seen as a commentary on the harsh realities of life on the streets, where survival is not guaranteed and where love can be betrayed. The song shows how the stripper is caught in a dangerous situation because of her relationship with Duck, and how she becomes a victim of King Von’s revenge. The song also shows how Duck’s actions have consequences, and how he pays with his life for throwing a brick at King Von’s car.

The Controversies and the Reactions to “Took Her to the O”

“Took Her to the O” was a controversial song that sparked mixed reactions from fans and critics. Some praised it for its storytelling and its realism, while others criticized it for its violence and its disrespect towards FBG Duck. Some also accused King Von of being insensitive and opportunistic for releasing the song after FBG Duck’s death.

The song also generated some legal issues for King Von. In March 2020, he was arrested for violating his parole by possessing a firearm in the music video for “Took Her to the O. He was later released on bond, but faced another charge for allegedly shooting and killing a man in Atlanta in November 2020. However, he did not live to face trial, as he was killed in another shooting outside a nightclub in Atlanta on November 6, 2020.

The song also inspired some parodies and remixes, such as the one by Polo G, who rapped from Duck’s perspective and changed the title to “Took Her to the EBT. The song also became a popular meme on social media, where people used the phrase “took her to the O” to describe various situations, such as taking someone to a bad place or tricking someone.


Took Her to the O is a song that showcases King Von’s skills as a rapper and a storyteller, as well as his experiences and his environment. The song tells a fictional story that is based on real events and people, and that reflects the realities of life on the streets. The song also has a deeper meaning and a message, that can be interpreted in different ways. The song was a hit, but also a source of controversy and controversy. The song remains one of King Von’s most memorable and influential tracks, and a testament to his legacy.

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