How Do You Find Investors For Your Mobile App Startups? You Don’t ever Knew

You’re searching for investors to fund your mobile application. The majority of startups seek investors to develop mobile apps for their projects. But, if we believe the study just 10 percent of startups succeed in obtaining funds from investors. In addition, more then 38% startup fail due to less or no money. There are a variety of things you can do to transform your app idea a profitable business you’ve always wanted to have. It is essential to have a sound marketing and business plan along with app ideas. The most important thing is that you require investors to build apps. The process of obtaining funds for your app is difficult, however. It will be helpful when you find investors who would support the efforts of your company. The success of your app depends on securing and finding investors.

When you are pitching your business plan or idea to investors, ensure you do some research. Knowing a few tried-and-tested strategies can help you achieve this.

We will discuss the best methods to help you find the right investor to invest in the application for mobile startup.

Let’s Know The Types of Investors for a Startup

The industry has a wide range of ways to locate investors for mobile apps. It is recommended to look for funds in a variety of places and make your approach unique based on the idea behind your app and the need to raise funds, as well as your current stage.

Type Of Investors

  1. Family and Friends
  2. Crowd funding
  3. Angel investors
  4. Venture Capitalists
  5. Strategic Investors
  6. App Funding Contests

Let’s examine the different potential startups investors you can find.

  • Friends and Family

Most entrepreneurs realize that the best opportunity to obtain the money they need to fund their mobile app development idea in the early stage is through family and friends. They already know you well and, most important, they trust and trust you.

Furthermore, the most trusted crowd funding platform believes that the majority of businesses receive money from family and friends.

Let’s look at some vital information about funding from friends and family members-
  1. A total of $60 billion is invested in businesses each year by family members and friends as well as 38% of new ventures get funding from this source.
  2. Additionally to that, 5 percent of American adults claimed to have donated money to someone who was starting an enterprise in the past three years. The majority of those who took part said 32% said that the money was given to a neighbor or friend, 26% went to members of their immediate family one-third to a friend and 8% to a colleague.
  • Crowd funding

Crowd funding websites are able to attract many investors (except likely for banks). Anyone can make a donation to your venture by presenting your idea via a site like GoFundMe, IndieGoGo, or Kickstarter.

Nowadays, there are numerous crowd funding websites. Certain are specific to a particular sector or offer an opportunity for all businesses to get investors. Furthermore, there are a number of types of crowd funding.

Let’s get to know a few examples:

  1. Once an app is made available it may offer donation-based crowd funding users advantages such as early access or access to premium features.
  2. Crowd funding that is based on debt is like lending money, but with the expectation that you’ll be reimbursed.
  3. Venture capitalists and angel investors offer crowd funding based on equity in exchange for stakes in your business.
  • Angel Investors

If we take the data of Fundable that there are 268.100 actively investing in angels across the USA. Every year, they invest around $20 billion into 60,000 companies.

Individuals with high net worth, also called angel investors, invest in young or promising companies to acquire shares in the latter.

So, make sure you have a well-written business plan and proof that the app’s marketability is viable your mobile app before you approach angel investors.

As opposed to others, investors who are angels help the growth of businesses and their success by leveraging their contacts in the business world.

  • Venture Capitalists

Investors who lend funding to startups and businesses that have a high potential for development in exchange for shares are referred to by the term “venture capitalists. The majority of the time, it deals using larger amounts of funds.

It is the ideal way to raise funding from VCs during the growth or scaling stage since they have large institutional clients and have the capacity to provide sufficient funding.

  • Strategic Investors

Investors invest when they see a strategic benefit for their company through their business. Strategic Investors are usually large corporations or large companies who believe that they can benefit from their business through the purchase or investment of an established business or business.

Strategic Investors could consider the future of collaboration via mobile apps, an opportunity to gain entry into an entirely new market or gain access to new technologies. Strategic Investors typically have the knowledge and resources to help the company grow and thrive as well as their investment may be a source of validation and credibility for the company.

  • App Funding Contests

A variety of app-related competitions are held worldwide for entrepreneurs to present their app startup idea to investors.

However, you must be aware that you have to first meet certain eligibility requirements in order to be eligible for these contests.

If you’re lucky enough to do so, make sure the mobile application startup is backed by an effective business plan and an prototype or MVP to increase your chances of being receive money.

Learn how to solicit funds from investors to fund your mobile app development project

A major and difficult aspects of starting a new business is getting capital from investors.

You’ll only require assistance from outside sources in the event that you have significant financial resources.

Before you approach investors, it is important to know that they’re looking for not just top app concepts when they decide it is worth investing in a company.

Here, we offer good tips that can aid you in getting the money from the investors.

  • A Stable Business Plan

Investors will know that you’re serious about your business and have given the idea some thought you’ve got a solid business plan.

Investors would like to see certain essential elements in the business plan, such as the market you want to target as well as your revenue and business model, competitive analysis, financial forecasts as well as marketing plans and goals and the potential for issues, risks and issues (how you’ll deal with these).

  • Product-Market Fit

CB Insights found that lack of demand from the market accounts for 35% of the startup failures.

Thus it is to be to be expected that the product’s market fit is prioritised whenever investing in mobile apps startup companies.

These are indicators of a good product-market match:

Current customers appreciate the product’s worth and are willing to are willing to spread the word about the product’s value. Other indicators include an expanding number of customers, and expanding your team by adding experts to meet the demands and the constant attention.

  • An Innovative App Concept

Are you looking to develop an app for food delivery like Swiggy?

But what’s the reason?

It is important to understand why the world needs an additional Swiggy.

Investors are interested in knowing the difference between your product and the other products before they invest in you. show that your competition needs assistance to beat you.

  • A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

MVP is the first version of a product offering the most basic of functions. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as testing market demand and creating a product that is focused on the requirements of the user and reducing the time it takes to market.

In addition, an MVP lets you present your idea to investors with confidence. You can show a working version of your application so that investors are able to see the way it works.

There are a lot of instances of successful MVP examples. This strategy is therefore sound.

Work together with a group of experienced experts to develop the perfect MVP which will increase your chances of receiving funds from investors who could be interested in mobile apps is crucial to the success of your MVP development.

In the event of launching a new mobile application There are a few key actions to make sure it is successful:

  1. Conduct market analysis: Understand your target users and the competition to ensure that your app is in an actual need and makes a mark in the market.
  2. The app’s unique benefit proposition. Define the benefit your app will give the users.
  3. Develop a solid application planning process: This includes creating an elaborate plan for the project as well as identifying key milestones and the creation of a team of knowledgeable developers.
  4. Create an attractive and user-friendly interface: Make sure your app is simple to navigate and has a pleasing style that can draw and keep users.
  5. Develop and test your application: Use beta testing and user feedback to find and correct any bugs that your app may have before releasing it to the general population.
  6. Create a complete marketing strategy: Promote your app via various channels, including email marketing, social media as well as influencer marketing. the optimization of your app store.
  7. Monitor and monitor performances: Use analytics and user feedback to determine areas to improve and improve your app as time goes by.
  8. Engage your users: Keep your app up-to-date with new features and functions to keep users engaged.

To start a software development company, you will need a team of skilled software developers and designers, as well as a clear business plan outlining your goals, target market, and financial projections. It is important to have a good understanding of the software development process, including requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and deployment.

To attract clients, you can use a variety of marketing strategies such as creating a professional website, networking at industry events, and reaching out to potential clients directly. Building a strong portfolio of past projects and client testimonials can also help to attract new business.


It is important to know the different kinds of investors you could approach and at what stage you should raise funds in your mobile application business.

We have provided a brief overview of some popular types of investors that you can use for an app for mobile in the article.

If you want to get your business app idea funded, keep in mind that once you’ve decided whom to pitch the issue boils down to creating the perfect pitch.

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