Why Leopard Geckos Make Great Pets

Leopard geckos are small, cute reptiles that make great pets. In this article, we will explore why leopard geckos make such wonderful companions and the benefits of owning one.

The Basics:

Before you decide to get a leopard gecko as a pet, there are some basic things you need to know about them. These include:

– Diet: Leopard geckos require an insect-based diet in order to stay healthy and active. They should be fed crickets or mealworms every day along with calcium supplements for bone health.

– Habitat: Leopard geckos do best when kept in an enclosure with temperatures between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 65-75 degrees at night. The enclosure should also have plenty of hiding spots so they can feel secure while sleeping or resting throughout the day.

– Handling: It is important not to handle your leopard gecko too much as it can cause stress on them which could lead to illness or injury if done incorrectly. When handling your leopard gecko, always use two hands and support their body from underneath so they don’t fall out of your grip unexpectedly!

Benefits of Owning a Leopard Gecko:

There are many benefits associated with owning a leopard gecko as a pet including but not limited to;

– Low Maintenance Pet : Unlike other pets like cats or dogs, leopard gecks require very little maintenance making them ideal for busy lifestyles where time may be scarce . All they really need is food , water , clean bedding material , regular temperature checks & occasional cleaning/disinfection .

– Easy To Handle : As mentioned earlier due to their size & weight these lizards are easy enough for even children (under adult supervision)to safely handle without fear of being injured by accidently dropping them etc.. This makes them perfect family friendly pets !

– Cute Appearance : Last but certainly not least these animals look absolutely adorable ! With their bright colors & unique patterns its no wonder why people find themselves drawn towards wanting one as part of their household !


Owning any type of animal comes with responsibility however having said that if you’re looking for something low maintenance yet still fun then consider getting yourself a lovely little leopard gecko today !! You won’t regret it.

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